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Couples and Family Therapy

Welcome to Lake View Counseling's Couples and Family Therapy services! 

Lake View Counseling understands that relationships can be challenging and that seeking therapy as a couple or family can be a vulnerable and courageous step. We are here to provide you with a supportive and empathetic environment where you can openly communicate and work towards building healthier and more fulfilling connections.

When you come for a couples or family therapy session with Marie, you can expect her to create a safe space where each person can express their concerns, needs, and desires. Marie specializes in couples and family therapy and is dedicated to helping you navigate the complexities of your relationships.

Marie will actively listen to all parties involved during your session, facilitating open and constructive dialogue. She will help you explore your individual perspectives and gain a deeper understanding of each other's experiences. Drawing on evidence-based techniques and interventions, Marie will address areas of conflict, improve communication, and foster greater intimacy and connection.

Your session will focus on identifying and addressing the underlying issues and patterns that may be causing distress within your relationship or family dynamic. Together, you will work collaboratively towards finding solutions and creating positive change. Marie will provide guidance, tools, and strategies to strengthen your relationship, improve communication, and enhance overall relationship satisfaction.

By attending couples and family therapy sessions with Marie, you can better understand yourself, your partner/family member, and the dynamics at play in your relationship. You will have the opportunity to develop healthier patterns of interaction, rebuild trust, and create a more fulfilling and harmonious connection.

We are here to provide you with the compassionate support and guidance you need. Let us help you foster the loving and resilient relationships you desire.





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